Not a Passing Phase Reclaiming Lesbians in History 1840-1985
The Women’s Press Edition

Who we are

The Lesbian History Group was founded in 1984 at the height of second wave feminism, after a lesbian studies conference where it became clear that lesbians wanted to study their own history in a supportive environment. Before this time the history of lesbianism had largely been ignored by feminist and mainstream historians.
The Lesbian History group continued till 1995 and published the book Not a Passing Phase Reclaiming Lesbians in History 1840-1985. (Women’s Press, 1989).

In 2015 the group was restarted by some of its original members as it was becoming clear that once again lesbianism was being disappeared from history through the dominance of gender/queer and trans ideology.

We are aware that women becoming involved in feminism today have little access to knowledge about the history of lesbianism and particularly of lesbian feminism. The group organises a programme of speakers and discussion in central London which aims to inspire lesbian feminists of all ages to celebrate our history and culture and inform current lesbian feminist analysis and practice. It is women only and women are requested to become members to attend.

We aim to widen access to lesbian history by posting a number of relevant resources on this site, including access to talks that have taken place at our meetings and relevant books and articles and photographs.  We welcome contributions from other lesbian feminists. Those interested in participating in our meetings can contact us to join our membership lesbianhistorygroup@gmail.com